Organoleptic Synesthesia: A Guide To Cannabis & The Creative Process

Or, How I Smoked A Big Bag Of Weed From Mischa And Chilled With The Robot Gods

Mischa Ko is an ethnobotanist, so when he talks about plants people listen. And when he talks about cannabis his eyes light up. And people listen harder.

I’d heard good things about his weed so I tracked him down at his new start-up, Lanna Botanical, and asked him to put together a sampler bag of his sweet, organic flowers. His best and brightest, so to speak.

lanna botanical

I met with him for a coffee on the way to Hang Dong for the handoff and I immediately took a deep inhale on one of the smaller bags with some particularly nice-looking flowers in it. Hello Mr. Skywalker! I don’t think I’ve ever smiled or been happier with a bag of weed before in my life.

I headed home to start what would turn into a weekend of discovery, wonder, and some ideas that I can’t shake: cannabis is magic, and life is beautiful. Shit like that.

The following is my experience pieced together from contemporaneous notes, recollection, and some minor hyperbole.

Galactic Jack

Saturday, October 15, 2022
10:00 A.M. Brunch & Bake

My journey begins. I’m a single puff in and I’m thumbing through Spotify. Pat Metheny. Last Train Home. Left field choice.

This strain smokes smooth. It’s like a kiss from a pretty human. It delivers clean clarity and energy that’s the perfect start to a productive day. There’s something both simple and complex – some of the Pineapple Express notes combined with a raw spaciness.

Galactic Jack is the BEST way to start your day. Did a couple hours of highly focused work on an Astronomy blog I’m working on. Then a lengthy session where I mostly stared into space. Literally. And figuratively.

Pairs well with Limoncello & Sun Dog by Eduord Ferlet.

We have lift off!


Saturday, October 15, 2022
3:00 P.M., Home Office

I’ve tried some RUNTZ before and I was underwhelmed. After reading the Leafly reviews I’m approaching this bud with trepidation.

This is a powerful hybrid that takes some people every which way and loose.

I think it’s too berry-like for me. Like a confection.

It confuses me slightly. It’s sweet but doesn’t fully deliver on its promise. It’s a carnival tout. A barker.

But it’s sweet. Enjoyable.

Pairs well with A&W Root Beer and Mcvities Hobnobs

Suggested Listening: Warren Zevon doing Raspberry Beret on David Letterman.

Skywalker OG

Saturday, October 8, 2022
7:00 P.M., Backyard

It’s been 100+ days since cannabis was legalized in Thailand, and guess what? I’ve leaned into the newfound freedom and variety.

Peking Duck? Smashed that! Horchata? Done! Purple OG Cookie Dough Kush Express… and on and on. 50+ different strains.

Now I prepare a small, elegantly-rolled spliff. A Raw Classic paper with natural gum. A perforated wide tip. I retire to the garden and light it with a single wooden match.

What the fudge just happened? 

Skywalker OG is the medicine I’ve needed all my life. It’s low-key rocket fuel. Clarity. Happiness.

Pairs well with life.

Skywalker OG Redux

Saturday, October 8, 2022
7:00 P.M., Backyard

I wake up on Sunday and my thoughts turn to Skywalker. Is it really as good as it seemed yesterday?

I recreate my Skywalker spliff from the day before. A few slow draws from the joint and I return to the glory of Skywalker OG. This stuff is jet-fuel for creative urges if you’ve got them.

It delivers stealth-like focused energy that emerges from the depths of your soul.

After a few hours of rainy daydreaming, I emerged from a deep reverie with the beginnings of a graphic novel I created with Stable Diffusion and Canva.

Where did this come from?

Blue Cheese

I was a huge blue cheese fan about 60 days ago.

I now prefer plain old UK Cheese more. And I can’t go back.

The cheesier the better.

So, I haven’t smoked this one yet.

I’ve put the few grams I have in a jar for a while. I’ll bring it out closer to the holidays.

Pair it with crackers. And some organic wine from Naturalista. And some M*A*S*H reruns.

Final Puff

Wow. I am fully, completely sold on organic cannabis.

If you want to get your hands on beautiful, organic, premium cannabis flowers get in touch with Mischa at Lanna Botanical. You won’t be disappointed. Peace.

*If you are a dispensary or grower and you want us to review your flowers just contact us. And send us a bag of weed!

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